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Your Honor, My Honor, Our Honor
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Your honor, my honor, our honor


I, or we may regard the profession as an honor, or we may simply regard it as a rewarding profession.We have aspirations, to work, to find girlfriends, to buy a house, to live better.This is a conflict free confrontation, public and private opposition, but also good development, the better the work, the higher the pay, the better the life.So replace your ideas with two, one is work, the other is life.

At work, you will give up some personal things, need to work overtime and so on.But personal matters, such as getting married, are more important than work.Your so-called selfish, yes, everyone is very selfish, whether admit it or not, the society because of benefit me to compete and good development.But have you ever thought that when you have a hundred billion dollars, you still want to make money?Why did Bill Gates give away 99% of his fortune?It's identity of achievement.No matter how selfish you are, you still need approval and affirmation. No matter what others think, you need affirmation to yourself. This is self-worth.


The employee is the employee of the enterprise. The enterprise is composed of employees, but it is not a simple addition of employees, but a combination of certain enterprise relations.The value of employees is the unity of personal value and enterprise value, which is reflected in the respect and satisfaction of the enterprise for employees, but more importantly, the responsibility and contribution of employees to the enterprise.The philosophy of giving up: "give up" and "get";Employees should first provide services and needs for the enterprise. Only when they meet the needs of the enterprise can they meet the needs of individuals. Their personal value is reflected in this process.Without enterprise value, customer needs and interests, the pursuit of personal value by all means is ultimately impossible to realize personal value.The greater the enterprise value provided by employees, the faster the development of itself, and the higher the degree of personal value realization.Finally, believe yourself, in a traditional Indian fable, a mouse who worries all day long because he is afraid of a cat. A wizard takes pity on him and turns him into a cat.It was full of fear of beasts.So the wizard finally gave up.He changed it back into a mouse and said, I can't help you anymore, because you have a mouse heart.

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