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Where Is The Advantage Of Acrylic Display Rack?
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Acrylic display rack in shopping malls, supermarkets are indispensable. Whether food, clothing, ornaments, all items need to be presented to the consumer through the display rack. Acrylic display rack with beautiful appearance, strong structure, assembly free, quick disassembly, convenient transportation. and exquisite display rack style, noble and elegant, and have a good decorative effect.

At present, the acrylic display stands as a variety of excellent performances of display props, in many fields, industry has become more and more widely recognized and applied by enterprises. In the domestic large and medium-sized cities, acrylic display of the figure everywhere, and its applications include cosmetic display, jewelry display, digital products display, mobile display, high-grade liquor display, high-end watches display and so on.

With the design and manufacturing experience of acrylic handicraft manufacturers, with the application of the increasingly wide range of acrylic display rack, its design and manufacture must adhere to the corresponding principle of selection, so as to achieve its best cost-effective and maximize value for guests to avoid unnecessary waste.

First of all, we must clarify the product characteristics that the enterprise needs to display. In the selection of materials to determine the weight of the products displayed, size, and color and other basic elements, to avoid the choice of the gap with the product characteristics or form a visual conflict or fatigue of the plates.

Secondly, we should combine the visual system of enterprise culture. The choice and the enterprise culture visual system unifies the color, so that the acrylic display shelf can effectively and the enterprise culture form unifies, integrates the enterprise Vision system.

Thirdly, we should select the material according to the design. Choose more in line with the design of the plate, can effectively save the plate, to avoid tasteless waste, regardless of the environment or the guests are a responsible corporate behavior.

Acrylic Display rack manufacturers think, acrylic display rack design and production, selection is a more critical link. Therefore, in ensuring the quality, in the design process, must take into account how to select the problem; in the manufacturing process, we must consider how to save materials to achieve the best results. Only excellent design + serious material selection + meticulous manufacturing, to provide guests with exquisite acrylic display rack.

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