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The History Of Our Company
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2018

             The history of our company

our factory 2.jpg

In March 1997, Mr. Hong Gang, our company’s founder first used SUNYU to start his business of acrylic products in an office, Xiagang, Shenzhen, China.

In July 1997, SUNYU started to manufacture acrylic products with no more than 10 employees in a store more than 100 square meters in Shi Xia, Shenzhen.

In April 1998, factory moved to the second floor, Bagua Li Yuan Road, Shenzhen for business expansion and the workers increased to three dozen.

In March 1999, factory was expanded to the third floor, 615 building, Bagua One Road with area of 1100 square meters. Workers also amounted to 50. After that, Shenzhen Sunyu Acrylic Product Co,. Ltd registered and declared to be the pioneer in the acrylic industry. It was the first company that has registered with the title of acrylic.

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In July 2003, set up a branch factory in Longhua Shenzhen, it’s a professional produce acrylic computer case, and gained a design patent.

In March 2005, the two different factories in Nanshan and Longhua came to merge and moved to Xinhe, Fuyong town, Shenzhen with 100 workers and 2000 square meters factory area.  The registered capital increased to 2.1 million China Yuan, and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

In April 2006, a studio was set up in Shenzhen Nanshan, specializing in design and development of acrylic gift and registered "OUOU" brand.

In March 2007, Sunyu Wooden Product Factory specializing in the production of wooden products was set up in Fuyong, Shenzhen.

In November 2007, Shenzhen Sunyu Display Product Co., Ltd registered successfully, which made the transition to professional product display service at retail terminal with combination of many materials from the original manufacturer of ACRYLIC/PMMA/PLEXIGLASS.

In 2008, our company quickly became one of the largest domestic enterprise in the product display industry since making the transition from a single acrylic material to acrylic, metal, wood, plastic multi-material displayed on a combination of props.our sales.jpg


In October 2010, removed to Guangming town, Shenzhen with space increasing to 6000 square meters. The workers reached to 150 and possess an independent industrial park, which helped to improve the company's image and management.

In October 2012, SHENZHEN SUNYU SEPCIAL TYPE PANEL CO., LTD was established in Gongming, Shenzhen, specializing in the development and production of electronic panels. Sunyu strategic transformation again, from simple product manufacture to an integrated service-oriented enterprise. Sunyu is committed to provide all-round terminal display for store and  atmosphere-oriented service. Sunyu imported ERP management system, 6S-site management system and ready-made scientific management.

In March of 2013, imported "Eagle's rebirth" program, which is helpful to the company's corporate culture and team building comprehensive improvement and sublimation.

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gluing 3.jpghot bending.jpg

In Jan 2014, introduction of two bee cartoon mascot "Big Mountain" and " Light Rain" and the establishment of "Bee Fund" added a guarantee for all employees and their families in Sunyu.

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