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Quality Identification Of Acrylic Display Rack
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Our common acrylic display rack in life is generally as merchandise display props in front of us, its excellent appearance, physical characteristics make acrylic display rack in aesthetics, practicality, easy to clean and other aspects of the traditional display rack has more obvious advantages.

Acrylic Display rack production requires exquisite workmanship, in the following aspects:

Acrylic display rack production process of rigid inorganic filler increase toughness. After adding ultra-fine rigid inorganic filler in production, the material can induce shear yield in the process of fracture, and can absorb the plastic deformation, which can change the brittle toughness of the material substrate.

Use acrylic products rigid organic filler to increase toughness. When the acrylic material is stretched, the difference between the substrate and the dispersion pellet makes the material matrix have a strong pressure on the rigid organic filler, so that the toughness changes and the rigid organic filler particles appear "cold flow" deformation, and the absorbing plastic deformation can improve the toughness of the material.


So how to distinguish the quality of acrylic display shelf?

One, the quality of the plexiglass plate is very fragile, in the outdoor sun blowing soon after the wind faded, without the original luster.

Second, the quality of the plexiglass material is hard to bake after the soft separation, and the quality of a good plate even if it is affixed together can be separated. This is the so-called paste identification method.

Third, with fire to burn plexiglass materials, good plexiglass materials will not easily burn, and bad materials will soon burn up.

Fourth, the general good plexiglass plate description is the same as the actual, such as the relevant explanation of how thick the reality is how thick. Do not cut corners, on the contrary, inferior plates often duplicity.

5, good plexiglass plate light transmittance is very high, very white, not yellowing or blue. Of course, the lights are white, the transmittance is different.

6, good quality acrylic display rack soft adhesive side packaging is better, while the bad plate of soft glue looks very miscellaneous, this is the so-called joint-venture plates.

The use of acrylic display stands is a very important part of our modern business activities. The choice of display rack will directly affect the customer's desire to purchase and product display effect, so before use of the choice of high-quality acrylic display rack, is to ensure that the ultimate effect of the key and the foundation.

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