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How To Improve The Printing Effect Of Acrylic Display Rack?
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Many customers are very fond of their own logo or promotional language printed on their own acrylic products, but many customers see the effect of acrylic screen printing, will put forward such a question, this logo is not easy to erase AH. In fact, acrylic is essentially a kind of plastic, the surface is very easy to attach oily paint. As long as it is not intentionally to scratch the sharp object to scratches these logo, generally will not fall. So is there any way to improve the effect of silk screen?

Because silk screen used in the paint is oily substances, and acrylic itself is a polymer plastic, surface adhesion is very poor, especially acrylic sheet surface of those oil, the effect of printing has a great impact. Therefore, before printing, must ensure that acrylic sheet surface clean.

2. Silk screen is simply to let the ink adhesion on the surface of acrylic sheet, so the printing effect on a certain level depends on the good or bad ink, the use of genuine imports of paint, can make printing better effect.

3. Add the appropriate proportion of curing agent, can improve the drying time of paint, improve the effect of silk screen.

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