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Application Of Acrylic Display Cabinet
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

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In recent years, the counters have a larger development and progress, which is mainly conducive to market competition more mature, enterprises more focus on shaping the brand image results. However, throughout the department stores or shopping malls counters, there is a lot of difference between international standards. The main reason is that the department store counter design lacks the overall planning design and puts forward the specialized standard requirement. This problem is because our country professional commercial counter design company and the talented person is deficient, as well as the commercial enterprise in the mall decoration design plan lacks the specialized company's specific guidance. Therefore, in the mall decoration planning and counter design of the imitation composition more, and the design company to the mall's operation, management, marketing the inherent demand, is a lack of systematic professional understanding and research. Thus, the homogeneity of the visual space of many shopping malls, counters and props lacks practicality, artistry, economy, safety and humanized functional requirements.


A display cabinet is a container for displaying items. Color has gold, silvery white, matte black, gray and other colors. Display cabinets are exquisite appearance, strong structure, easy disassembly, convenient transportation, widely used in the company showroom, exhibitions, department stores, advertisements, etc., in handicrafts, gifts, jewelry, mobile phones, glasses, watches, tobacco, wine, cosmetics and other industries are widely used.

Wall-placed showcase back panel is not a light plate, can be selected with the appearance of the cabinet body of the same color, white or mirror. The top can be fitted with light box, cabinet lamp can be selected fluorescent lamp, spotlights, the top with light box. Height, width, length can be adjusted according to use. Square display cabinets are generally four-sided translucent glass, suitable for displaying jewelry, jewelry, watches, mobile phones and other small items, also can display cabinets for gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, pens, cigarette liquor and other larger items.

In order to display a variety of display cabinets, the overall structure of the display cabinets all the use of removable components, no glue materials, a hexagon wrench can complete the disassembly of the entire showcase. Convenient disassembly, transportation and so on.

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