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Acrylic High-grade Cosmetics Display Rack What Special And Advantages?
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

In the cosmetic counters, acrylic is indispensable. So good art acrylic high-end cosmetics display rack what special and advantages?

1, personalized customization: The current era is the pursuit of individuality, fashion creativity! So acrylic crystal-like transparency, excellent processing performance, as well as rich plate color, for acrylic personalized customization provides favorable conditions. Jia Yi Mei can be customized for your personality of your creative acrylic photo frame, with a commemorative meaning of the acrylic desk calendar, for you to print very authentic wedding photos, personal photo and other meaningful photographs made calendar, is not a chic new timber?

2, Acrylic stable physical properties: let you to the processing of acrylic products are also assured a hundred times. It is not like other mixed metal materials, wood, etc., easy to deform, time long faded or not acid-alkali corrosion. Acrylic resistance to high and low temperature variant ability, this is also the acrylic applied to outdoor advertising industry one of the important characteristics.

3, Styles and diverse: Acrylic not only the plate rich easily coloring, more importantly is good bending performance, can be used cutting, chainsaw, drilling and other tools for the acrylic plate processing. Flexibility is relatively good. In general, the acrylic panels will not crack, so the style of acrylic products is also very rich.

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