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Acrylic Display Rack Why Are Prices Higher Than Other Materials?
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

For the people who often do display racks, the purchase price of the acrylic display rack will often make such a feeling, why the acrylic display rack will be more expensive than the other. Why does the same size display rack produce such a big difference because it is only a matter of material? Such a problem is really confusing, the person who does not know is naturally incomprehensible. Now what is the market in the end of the impact of the price of the display rack? Now has many years of experience in the production of a small series to analyze the reasons why.

I. Impact of cost on price

Cost is the most important factor. The costs here are mainly labor costs and material costs. With the current economic level of rising, labor costs in the current production of the proportion of enterprises increasingly higher, the rising wages of workers also doomed the production of the distribution of labor costs of the increase. In the material, different drawings size and material requirements need to adopt different hardware, lamps, decoration and production of structural materials, the difference between materials also caused the price difference of finished products.

II. Impact of costs on prices

The cost factors that affect the price of display rack mainly include installation and transportation costs, display racks from manufacturers to shops are generally to be transported through goods, logistics costs are impossible to avoid, as to the high-low to see the difference between regions.

III. Impact of profits on prices

Display rack manufacturing is always profitable, as for the display rack price profit control range will look at the attitude of the manufacturers. As labor-intensive industries, the production of large quantities of display racks generally controlled lower profits, if single production, its profits are very large.

IV. The impact of customization on prices

Some customers because their products are designed to produce, unlike most products in the market, and the different brands between products also have great access, so the display rack is tailored for customers, this is the cost of personnel will increase, to a lot of experienced designers, and structural designers, production also to cut different molds, which will increase some costs, if not tailored to buy a market-oriented exhibition rack, it will be cheaper.

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