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Acrylic Display Rack How Beautifully Processed
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Acrylic display rack How to do exquisite permeability, not easily yellowing, we are based on the following four points to ensure that the acrylic display rack technology, to ensure that the quality of acrylic display rack light, weatherability, impact, easy to shape and so on the merits of fully embodied!

The first is the selection. The selection of imported materials, good quality. Purity is higher than domestic 20%, the transparency of 15%, 10 years do not change discoloration.

The second is mold making. Acrylic panels need to be through the vacuum positioning, suction molding, even the same word, different sizes also need different molds, and mold making itself requires high precision quality. Because the mold itself precision, quality directly related to plexiglass product quality, and mold production has a high level of technology, need experienced technicians.

The third is post-production. Said before, now acrylic display rack production is basically mechanized production, some new equipment application in improving production efficiency while greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. Acrylic blister material after the basic molding, but also after milling, router milling, grinding and other processes, and finally there will be acrylic display rack laying light, paint after baking, acrylic display rack before the completion of the production.

The fourth is the picture processing. According to the different needs of customers, through the screen printing directly to the acrylic display rack, after the vacuum pressure molding, the screen has characters, animals or merchandise image, but also can blister into three-dimensional effect, so as to get better publicity effect

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