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Acrylic Display Rack Four Commonly Used Printing Methods
SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Display rack can save the exchange of goods and customers, and display the merchandise and brand culture to the customer to achieve the best display effect. Out of the display rack itself design and style, logo, information Card is also an important part of the production of acrylic display, we are generally using the following four kinds of craft.

1, silk screen printing: Silk screen is generally used in single color simple logo printing, because the operation is relatively simple, so it is acrylic products printing the most common way, is also cheaper preferred printing.

2, inkjet paper: Similar to our common stickers, print the picture directly affixed to acrylic products, can be affixed neatly, completely avoid the bubble inside, the unit price is also cheaper, but the use of time is not long, shelf life for about one years.

3, UV printing: Also known as 3d plate color printing. Applicable to the color of complex products, not easy to fade to scratch flowers, printed out the surface feels convex.

4, Python: also called marking. Applicable to the type of rugged plates, python out after the color as transparent as sanding, can also be color to make the logo more obvious.

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