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what saw blade should be used?

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2018

How to solve the problem of cutting plexiglass chipping, what saw blade should be used?

In the production and processing of plexiglass products, we can often cut the entire plexiglass sheet. In some acrylic factories, during the cutting process, the cut materials will cause chipping and other undesirable phenomena, which will seriously affect the product. Quality and corporate image. So what kind of saw blade should be used to cut the acrylic material so that there is no problem such as chipping? Ming saw saw industry based on years of experience in the operation of acrylic saw blades, to make a simple explanation for everyone, I hope to give you some help.

Why does the acrylic material cause chipping during the cutting process? There are generally several reasons for this: First, there is no special cutting saw blade for acrylic materials; second, the quality of the cutting saw blade used is flawed; Third, the saw blade lacks maintenance, the saw blade is not sharp enough; Fourth, the machine equipment is faulty. Or the operator is not technically adequate. All of the above may cause the occurrence of chipping of the plexiglass material.

Therefore, in the daily production process, acrylic enterprises must strictly follow the following requirements for production and processing:

First, use plexiglass saw blades (acrylic saw blades), but not wood saw blades, aluminum alloy saw blades for cutting, because plexiglass saw blades are designed for the characteristics of plexiglass materials, in sawtooth tooth type, sawtooth angle Tungsten steel cutter head material is different from other saw blades. Most of them are AB teeth, that is, left and right flat teeth. The front angle of sawtooth is generally 15~20 degrees; it helps to reduce the collapse of plexiglass material cutting. Side phenomenon

Second, we must use high quality plexiglass saw blades! The high-quality acrylic saw blade has a smoother cutting surface; the saw blade is also more durable; the ordinary plexiglass saw blade has a good appearance when cut, but how long can it maintain a good cutting state? This is only verified by the user himself! In the production process of plexiglass, we usually recommend users to use the Japanese Kojiro saw blade or a higher quality Japanese room saw blade. The performance of Xiaojilang saw blade in cutting plexiglass is very outstanding, not only cutting without sawing, but also the durability of saw blade is several times that of ordinary saw blade. Compared with ordinary saw blade, the price is very high, it is completely A value for money product.

Third, in the above we have mentioned the "durability" of the saw blade. Even if the plexiglass saw blade is the best, the sawtooth is blunt on the day. When the sawtooth is not sharp, the cutting is easy to cause the plexiglass to be heated by the hot melt, glue, Collapse and other phenomena. Some high-demand cutting areas, such as light guides, backlight material cutting, ordinary plexiglass saws can not meet the requirements of cutting appearance, even the opportunity to use, not to mention the question of how long the saw blade is used; Therefore, acrylic manufacturers not only have to buy a good acrylic saw blade, but also regularly maintain and repair the saw blade to maintain long-term and stable use. In addition, with good saw blades, there are also reliable equipment and good material-cutting personnel. Only with these conditions can the plexiglass cutting work be done

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