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What is an acrylic desk calendar

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2019

    The desk calendar is a common item in our office, and it is also a good choice for festivals to send friends and family, but if the desk calendar is equipped with a desk calendar, it is simply perfect. The acrylic desk frame is made of high-quality acrylic materials. The crystal clear and transparent characteristics of the acrylic calendar give the desk calendar a better viewing and fashion, and let the desk calendar leap from an ordinary daily necessities into a fashion gift of the new era.

    Acrylic desk calendar has good light transmission and bright color. It can be processed into various shapes of desk calendars, and it is not easy to be deformed and does not fade. It is half the weight of ordinary glass. In addition, the acrylic desk frame is not easy to break.

    Acrylic's desk calendar is not just a flower shelf. Its performance is more practical than ordinary glass and plastic. It looks more upscale. It can be used in the office and can be viewed. The wedding festival can also be given to friends and relatives as a gift. Economical and practical, both traditional and fashionable.

What is an acrylic desk calendar

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