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What glue is used for the bonding of acrylic rack

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2019

What glue is used for the bonding of acrylic products, fast and firm?

Acrylic products need to be glued to make them. So what glue is used to bond faster and firmer?

1, no shadow glue, also known as UV ultraviolet glue, this glue is cured by absorption of ultraviolet light, no ultraviolet light will not cure, the acrylic product after bonding is highly transparent, not whitish, not yellow, This is also the great advantage of this UV glue, the bonding speed is fast, but the speed is determined by the UV lamp, as fast as a few seconds, slow to a few minutes, the disadvantage is to use UV light or UV tunnel, if not long-term use? Will increase the cost of unnecessary equipment tools. There is also the cost of glue is also about 1000 yuan 1KG. This is rarely used except for some comparative products.

2, instant glue, this is the adhesive and glue often used in acrylic products, with no whitening type or low whitening type, of course, good quality industrial instant adhesive can have such effect, the cost is not low, such as a sealed The bonding surface, the sizing place is not well ventilated, and it may be whitish, so that the cost will be higher if it is combined with the cyanoacrylate accelerator. For example, the value of the rubber product is not high enough to be used at all. It is also one of the shortcomings of cyanoacrylate. The advantage is quick drying, high efficiency and fast speed for pipeline operation. The product is transparent and colorless after bonding.

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