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What do I pay attention to acrylic production

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

What do I pay attention to acrylic production

Acrylic display racks are widely used in display stands for cosmetics, mobile phones, and various kinds of accessories, which have improved the grade of products and attracted users. It is also widely used in supermarkets. But what problems do we need to pay attention to during the production process? Engraving: Generally, the thinner plates are engraved with a laser engraving machine. During the engraving process, the laser will produce a very high temperature. If the ink is not noticed, the acrylic plate may be ignited and a fire may occur, so when engraving, there is a certain Need someone to watch, can be extinguished in time after the fire, and also avoid the laser machine burned out. Grinding: This process is only for thicker acrylic, thin does not need to be polished. Generally, the thick acrylic plates are carved by CNC engraving machine, which will produce a lot of burrs. The grinding is to remove these burrs, remove these burrs, and polish them. Many people do not remove burrs when they are in production, and they are polished directly, so the effect will be much worse. Polishing: Generally, the thin ones are polished with flames, which require high-quality cloth wheels to be polished, and the thick points are polished with diamonds. Many manufacturers in order to cut corners, do not use diamond polishing, directly with cloth wheel polishing or flame polishing, the effect will be much worse! Silk screen printing, printing: look at the specific requirements, if you can manually screen, use artificial silk screen, if the color has a gradient, generally use UV flat printing. Generally, silk screen printing is printed on the reverse side, and the UV printing is printed directly on the front side. There are also UV prints printed on the reverse side, but it is easy to scratch, this needs to be noted. Bonding: Bonding can be said to be simple or complex. Why is it simple? Because you only need to put the potion in the place where you need to bond, you can do it in ten seconds. Why is it difficult to say? Because once it sticks badly and sticks, then the whole is scrapped. If the potion is not evenly distributed, it will affect the appearance, and there will be bubbles in the light, which will be very ugly under the light. Packing: The packaging of acrylic display racks is packaged according to different types and styles of display racks. Regardless of the front packaging, the middle should be filled. It is necessary to put some fillers properly to avoid scratches and squeezing during transportation!

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