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What are the types of acrylic display racks?

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Acrylic Display rack: As the name implies is a use of acrylic plate processing of the display rack, the applicable venues are widely such as hotels, shopping malls, shops and so on, through the acrylic display rack can be very good to show the products to be presented. Commonly used acrylic display rack into which categories? shenzhen Jun Yat-Color Small series with you to share.

1, acrylic smoke and wine display rack

Acrylic smoke and wine display is a common life in everyone's acrylic display rack, usually used in stores, shopping malls to display smoke and wine products. Why use acrylic material to make smoke and wine display rack?

Acrylic has the following characteristics: 1, high permeability, the brightness of the tall 92%% 2, non-toxic, even if the long contact with the person will not be injured 3, excellent weather resistance, the natural environment is very adaptable.

2, acrylic glasses display rack

Acrylic glasses display rack is mainly used to display glasses, glasses are precise processing, in the natural environment is strong adaptability, otherwise easy to damage and easy to repair, even into scrap. So they all need very good protection, so acrylic products have excellent weather resistance, even if exposed rain acrylic products performance unchanged, in addition to acrylic transparency can be more refraction of the transparency of glasses, this is a showcase for glasses of Jiapin!

3, Acrylic cosmetics display rack

Cosmetics Display rack Everyone may have been familiar, especially for the love of shopping Meimei, is more familiar with, if the usual attention, will see a lot of shopping malls, shops display cosmetics acrylic cosmetics display rack. A wide variety, exquisite, excellent processing performance, translucent, colorful, cosmetics in acrylic cosmetics display rack play a finishing touch effect, is because of this visual effect, making cosmetics promotion work more smoothly, for the promotion of store performance has played a great role in promoting, acrylic cosmetics display rack is your best wit choice!

4. Computer Display Rack

Computer display rack has anti-theft function, specially designed for Tablet PC, LED LCD design independently rechargeable anti-theft display rack; Built-in high db alarm, and with wireless Bluetooth password alarm cancellation. Two-color indication of work and alarm status. 1, the sensor alarm, that is forcibly picked off the display machine on the back of the sensor alarm 2, disconnection alarm, that is, the shear connection exhibition of arbitrary line alarm 3, charging disconnect alarm, that is, the pull-out of the charging interface to alarm.

5, Jewelry display rack

Acrylic jewelry display rack with high-quality imports of acrylic production, the surface delicate and soft, translucent color, elegant appearance, exquisite, modelling unity and harmony, elegant noble, with streamer overflow, elegant jewelry complement each other, can maximize the embodiment of brand image, product beauty and product selling points. For jewelry display, with it more attractive to showcase jewelry. Product modeling can be designed according to customer requirements.

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