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What are the characteristics of acrylic display rack machining?

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

In the display of domestic products more and more use of acrylic materials, because of its aesthetics and atmosphere, can attract people, casual design and easy to produce, in acrylic products, the general process of what characteristics?

1. Molding Process

Acrylic in the industrial production of commonly used when molding process has casting, injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and so on. Casting molding is mainly used for acrylic sheet, bar and other profiles molding, molding after the product needs to be processed before the ability to use. Casting Molding Acrylic Sheet has a strong rigidity, strength and excellent resistance to chemical properties, such as the color system and surface texture has unparalleled flexibility.

Injection molding with suspension polymerization of the pellet as raw material, in ordinary plunger or screw injection molding machine. It is important to note that because of the fluidity of acrylic particles, injection molding system flow resistance is small, the gate should use the larger size of the side gate, mold cavity, the surface of the flow path to smooth, after molding needs to be processed to eliminate internal stress.

Extrusion molding is the production of the suspension polymerization of acrylic particles through extrusion form made of acrylic sheet, rod, tubing, sheet and so on. Extrusion molding of acrylic products, molecular weight down, mechanical performance is weak, heat resistance, low solvent, but this process of high production efficiency, high flexibility, favorable bending and hot molding processing.

Thermoforming is the shaping way of the acrylic shuttle or sheet made of various sizes and shapes. The process is roughly, first, the acrylic sheet or sheet cut into a certain size of the blanks, and then clamp the billet on the mold frame, heating it to soften, in the pressure to make it close to the abrasive type surface, get the same shape of the surface, cooling stereotypes after finishing the edges of products. The commonly used pressure method in furniture products is the time to stretch or directly pressure the convex mould with the face.

2. Two times processing

Acrylic material in the molding thick, also need to pass two processing, to get the required size shape, connection aperture, etc. Because acrylic material has good physical, chemical and mechanical properties, can be like many furniture in common materials such as sawing, planing, milling, drilling, grinding, engraving and other cutting machining, or the need to use universal glue, epoxy resin, chloroform and other adhesive bonding agent.

3. Surface Treatment and art decoration

Acrylic materials technology adaptability. With good decorative, in the design of the commonly used surface treatment and art decoration methods are screen printing, color etching, carving, and so on. Sometimes in order to achieve a certain three-dimensional decorative effect, in the casting process can be added to some decorative items, such as flowers, leaves, fruits, even insects, etc., to make decorative effect lifelike, very appreciative of the value of acrylic crafts.

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