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the orginal of acrylic

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Acrylic is a by-product of deep-sea oil extraction. In fact, carefully decompression gram force this kind of material, you will find that is not so magical, it is also a kind of plexiglass, common transparent mobile phone display frame is made by it. Although it is also a kind of glass, but acrylic force is not as "fragile" as glass, impact resistance than ordinary glass is 200 times stronger, almost no fracture. Its bearing capacity changes with the change of ply, thicker firmer. The reporter discovers table of force of a pressure gram is transparent in the process of interview extremely thorough, change normally vitreous furniture to choose stainless steel to wait on point of support to bear the material with better bearing capacity such as stainless steel to pledge, what apply from the head to the foot is pressure gram force completely, the bearing capacity that sees it is not general. Acrylic has a hard side, but also has the characteristics of flexibility, it is very suitable for modeling, bending Angle radian can be achieved through technology. It also has better insulation than glass, unlike glass, which is "cold to the core", but this also leads to its poor heat dissipation ability. This material is the most afraid of sharp scratches, but this scratch is also very easy to repair, ordinary white toothpaste can be wiped.


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