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Role and precautions of acrylic display rack

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

The role and precautions of acrylic display rack

Acrylic display racks are becoming more and more popular and can be seen everywhere in life. What are the functions and precautions of acrylic display racks?

The role of acrylic display rack:

Acrylic display racks are also known as promotional racks, portable displays and information racks. According to the characteristics of different products, the design of the acrylic display rack and the matching product promotion display rack, together with the creative LOGO signage, make the product more eye-catching. With the development of the industry now, cosmetics have become the leader in annual consumption. With the development of the cosmetics industry driving the relevant industrial chain, the acrylic display rack is one of the industrial chains. At present, the promotional boutique acrylic display racks in the cosmetics counters of major department stores in China make the products stand out in the public. Thereby increasing the role of advertising on products.

Acrylic display rack use precautions:

The following problems may occur when the acrylic display rack is in use. This requires design and production personnel to pay attention to the following points when selecting materials.

1. The material should have a linear tension or a tension curve.

2. The deflection produced during the loading process is small.

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