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Is the price of acrylic holder expensive

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Is the price of acrylic holder expensive?

First, processing costs

Because of the high processing costs, now the price rises, the various labor costs and processing fees of the acrylic data frame also occupy a large part of the price. The processing technology is also relatively large, so the price is not expensive.

Second, the value of the acrylic data frame

Because the value of the data frame is high, it can create value for each merchant, make the product publicity better, sell better, and bring more sales, so the price is not expensive, it is value for money.

Third, the price of materials

Because of the expensive materials, this accounts for a large part of the price of acrylic data racks. In particular, the price of imported acrylic panels is relatively more expensive. The price increase and the imported materials are much better than other domestic materials. The performance of all aspects is much better than the general materials. So the price is not expensive.

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