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introduction to the performance of acrylic sheets

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

 introduction to the performance of acrylic sheets

acrylic trophy award

1. Acrylics, the transliteration of Acrylics, is the chemistry of acrylic and methylpropylene

Product general name, commonly known as "after special treatment of plexiglass."

In plastics,

Acrylic means polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA,

Is a kind of excellence

Thermoplastic engineering plastics with comprehensive properties are mostly used outdoors and indoors in the form of plates

Brand. In the application industry its material generally appears in the form of particles, plates, tubes and so on.

2. Characteristics of acrylic:

Excellent optical properties (good light transmittance

92%). High surface gloss, bright color, full,

Smooth and smooth, good hardness; Chemical corrosion resistance; Stable performance and no deformation; Product range

Full, colorful and various surface effects; Stable physical properties (easy to form, yes

Strong plasticity); Weather resistance, strong uv resistance, not easy to oxidize (resistance to high and low temperature deformation

Strong resistance to high temperature


Degree, low temperature


C); Green environmental protection, waste materials can be returned for recycling;

Excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance;

Easy to clean,

Maintenance; outdoor

5-8 -

Years will not fade, lose light, do not open. Excellent impact resistance, suitable

Install in comparison to install in the area where safety is required.

Light in itself,

On building objects and brackets

Low load requirement.

3. Application:

A: space industry

B: the freeway

C: civil industry

D: the advertising industry

F: bathroom industry

G: other forms of advertising

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