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How to avoid the smell of red wine display rack?

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Whether it's a shopping mall or a wine showcase, time a long, always produce peculiar smell, if not often clean, smell is more obvious; there is also a situation is unreasonable use of detergent will let the display rack smell, we together to share how to avoid the red wine display rack to produce odor?

1. Keep Indoors dry and ventilated

Wine display rack is made of wood, wood belonging to natural materials, weather a damp or indoor ventilation, if the display rack is not painted, then it is very easy to smell, more prone to mildew spots. Therefore, the best way is to keep the indoor dry, clean red wine display stand do not use wet towels, the best display rack into a desiccant.

2. Try not to use cleaner

For the red wine display rack, the use of detergent not only can corrode the surface of the display, to know that the surface of the display rack once damaged, the loss of aesthetics, it is likely to face scrap. Moreover, if the wine display rack is passed through the baking varnish, daily use of detergent, the smell of paint and detergent mixed together, just beginning may not feel, time is long, it will find that the smell is obvious, and no longer good treatment.

3. Indoor Place in Aromatherapy

Wine store to give a mellow, strong feeling, in the indoor fragrance is not to let the entire store is full of aroma, but in order to ensure that this fragrance is liked by colleagues, can gradually disperse the red wine display of the smell, such as: Paint flavor. Wine Store in the fragrance of the best is to blend the wine of mellow, incense should be the most appropriate.

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