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Can acrylic display rack withstand high temperatures?

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Acrylic display rack can withstand high temperature? Some customers in the open-air store using acrylic display rack, will let acrylic exposure to cracking and deformation? Below give you a share of acrylic display rack related knowledge, hoping to help everyone.

1, acrylic acid is made of poly-methyl methacrylate, poly-methyl acrylate containing polar side methyl, with strong moisture absorption performance, water absorption in general acrylic sheet must be kept dry, drying requirements of the conditions is 78 ℃-80 ℃ under drying 5-6h.

2, acrylic is a kind of intangible polymer, its contraction range is decreasing, generally is in 0.45%-0.9, so for acrylic products production time molding precision provides a good condition, in general, molding is very precise.

3, acrylic acid by poly-Cresol to the ambient temperature of the adaptation range does not have ordinary fluid, but has non-Newtonian fluid, so in the case of high temperature, PMMA viscosity will be reduced, this is acrylic products to the temperature is very sensitive performance.

4, acrylic in the flow of the process temperature is generally around 150 ℃, but when the beginning of the decomposition of acrylic, temperature is higher than 270 ℃, so that the temperature changes in the area is still very flexible, will not be affected by temperature and production, high temperature is the characteristics of plexiglass.

Acrylic display rack is constantly capable of high temperature, in addition acrylic also has the characteristics of easy cleaning, it is after the ceramics can manufacture sanitary ware of the best new materials. In real life, the kitchen, bathroom cleaning, let us feel very distressed. Some fume is not easy to clean, some dirt is not easy to wash away, but as long as the use of acrylic products made of cooking stove, cabinet and other items, are very easy to clean.

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