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Are acrylic products environmentally friendly

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Are acrylic products environmentally friendly?

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and health. In particular, many areas are now smoggy, so we need to be more environmentally friendly. Acrylic products are a low-carbon and environmentally friendly item. The glass is more environmentally friendly and healthy.

In fact, the glass industry has always been named as “highly polluting industry”, and some glass companies were once required to stop production because of excessive pollution. The pollution of the glass industry from the mining, processing and transportation of raw materials to the combustion of fuel produces harmful flue gas. Most of the glass industry melting furnaces use heavy oil as fuel, and the problem of atmospheric pollutant discharge is more serious. According to preliminary estimates, the total annual emissions of particulate matter in the glass industry is about 12,000 tons, SO2 is about 160,000 tons, NOx is about 140,000 tons, HCl and HF are 4,000 tons and 1200 tons, respectively. Glass smoke comes from three aspects: A small part of the raw materials are brought into the flue gas during the process;

Volatile substances in the furnace (partial metal oxides, such as Na2O, etc.) condense at high temperature and condense to form soot; soot generated after fossil fuels. Nitrogen oxides in glass furnaces are produced by air combustion and the decomposition of small amounts of nitrate in the glass frit. Since the flame temperature of the flat glass furnace is as high as 1650 ° C ~ 2000 ° C, nitrogen in the air will react with oxygen to generate a large amount of NOx. In addition, since the raw material contains a nitrate (generally KNO3), it decomposes at a high temperature to generate a part of NOx. Therefore, there is a large amount of NOx emission in the flat glass flue gas, and the general concentration is as high as 2000 mg/Nm3 or more.

Acrylic products are not subject to the above pollution due to different manufacturing processes, strictly comply with the pollutant discharge declaration system, no emission reduction tasks, the pollutants produced are discharged after treatment, the industrial solid waste treatment and disposal rate is 100%, and the environmental protection equipment is operating normally. The synchronous operation rate with the main equipment is over 95%, and there is a sound environmental management organization and management system, and no heavy metal emissions.

Health, low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmental protection are the advantages of acrylic products. This material itself has no radiation concerns (and is not under the scope of national mandatory testing and control) to protect human health.

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