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Advantages of mobile acrylic display rack

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Advantages of mobile acrylic display rack

We go to the digital shopping mall to buy mobile phones, IPad. As customers, we may only pay attention to the electronic products that we need to buy. We may not pay attention to the display items behind it. We think that this display rack is plastic or glass. This is wrong. Let me briefly talk about the mobile acrylic display rack. This kind of display rack is not a glass or metal mixed material. It is a new type of material. The transparent plexiglass type acrylic display rack, why use acrylic material, what are the advantages? In order to highlight the brand value and highlights of mobile phones, mobile acrylic display racks often need some high-profile display props to assist them, because safflower has green leaves. As plastic and glass, neither of them can achieve the effect that the merchant pursues. Plastic is very light, but the light transmittance is not enough, it can not reach the standard, the glass is high in transparency, but the processing is more difficult, and you break it when you touch it. Therefore, the traditional process of glass and plastic can no longer meet the luxury display requirements of modern mobile phones. So we have to find a new type of material, which is acrylic. Acrylic material is just like the transparency of glass and easy to process, easy to dye, and plastic properties are better. At the same time, it also has the lightness of plastic. It can be said to be a perfect substitute for glass and plastic. For high-end mobile phones in the store display, brand store mobile phone display, etc. are all good results. 

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