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Acrylic Display Rack What's the role of jewelry

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

1, acrylic sheet made of display rack: Acrylic display rack, acrylic jewelry display rack, plexiglass jewelry display rack manufacturers, jewelry display stands in recent years with the emergence of the exhibition industry and the application of a wide range of excellent display props. Acrylic is a kind of plastic

Materials, with excellent transparency and machinable, is the use of more common display rack production materials, also widely used in cosmetics, jewelry, tobacco, digital,

Photo Frame products and many other fields of product display. The use of acrylic plate production display can be very good foil jewelry design beautiful, luxurious quality, has a good

Visual effects.

2, jewelry display rack as a carrier of jewelry, if it can be designed very well, can successfully set up a good brand image of jewelry enterprises, can also successfully deepen the ping

People often live in the jewelry brand's concern and memory. At the same time, it can be obtained, a very exquisite jewelry showcase or improve jewelry such products

Sales volume. So a good jewelry showcase design not only needs to be imaginative design, but also need to choose the appropriate quality of raw materials to showcase the essence of design

The perfect embodiment of incisively and vividly.

3, enhance brand visibility. Acrylic jewelry display rack can be printed on the logo or advertising logo, to enhance the brand awareness is very helpful, in those people flow ratio

The department store exhibition, the equivalent of free advertising, can display products, and advertising effect, why not?

4, display function. Display and display is the most basic function of acrylic jewelry display rack, especially in the country has chain stores jewelry store, design unified style jewelry display

Rack helps product display, gives people feel more professional, more standardized feeling

5, increase sales. Throughout the traditional brand jewelry, especially the import of brand-name products, a novel design jewelry display rack, can improve the exposure of jewelry, so as to drive jewelry

Sales of jewelry. Good acrylic jewelry display rack can enhance the grade of jewelry, catering to People's face-saving jewelry, precious jewelry because of their own high value and treasure,

How to choose to foil its own value is a very large knowledge, is now on the market to choose the high-transparent acrylic material production foil jewelry. With the ordinary exhibition

Compared to the shelf, acrylic jewelry display rack is not only a simple product placement, display, but also pay attention to the display of jewelry and jewelry category of the value of their own foil.

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