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Acrylic Display Rack Four characteristics

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Acrylic High mechanical strength

The relative molecular weight of plexiglass is about 2 million, is long chain of macromolecular polymers, and the formation of molecular chains is very soft, so the strength of plexiglass is higher, tensile and impact resistance than ordinary glass high 7~18 times. There is a heated and tensile treatment of plexiglass, in which the molecular chain is arranged in a very orderly, so that the toughness of the material has significantly improved. Nail into this plexiglass, even if the nail penetrates, the plexiglass does not produce cracks. The plexiglass is also not broken into fragments after the bullet penetrated.

Therefore, the tensile treatment of plexiglass can be used as bulletproof glass, as well as the cockpit cover of military aircraft; Acrylic display stands in the store and bumps are not easy to damage.

Acrylic easy to process

PMMA not only can be used lathe cutting, drilling drilling, and can use acetone, chloroform and other bonding into various shapes of utensils, can also use blow molding, injection, extrusion and other plastic molding process into a large aircraft cabin canopy, small to dentures and teeth such as a variety of products; designers can be the sky, the design, acrylic basic can be processed out, this gives a very need for creative design of the display of a lot of driving force.

Acrylic High Transparency

Plexiglass is the most excellent polymer transparent materials, transmittance reaches 92%, higher than glass transmittance. The lamp of the solar light, called the man-made little sun, is made of quartz because the quartz can completely penetrate the ultraviolet rays. Ordinary glass can only penetrate 0.6% of ultraviolet rays, but PMMA can penetrate 73%. In the mall use acrylic display rack, through the light of light, can render colorful visual effects.

Acrylic Light weight

The density of plexiglass is 1.18kg/dm3, the same size of material, whose weight is only half of ordinary glass, aluminium (belonging to light metals) of 43%. Even if the acrylic display rack is used outdoors, it is easy to move.

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