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Acrylic Display Rack Basic craft

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Products are different, product display rack is not the same, we see the market in all kinds of acrylic display rack, although the same way, but the basic process is figured out, we produced the 11 acrylic display rack, to give you a brief introduction of acrylic display rack will be used in the basic process.

Acrylic display rack is mainly made of acrylic sheet, the common process of the following 6 kinds:

1, saw processing: sawing machine cutting materials, can be cut straight, can also cut bending. The use of special saw blade, cutting effect will be better.

2, Hot cutting process: Cutting the course of bending complex acrylic, can be used to cut the hot sawing, but with hot cut saw the edge of acrylic thick and uneven, so hot cut molding can only be coarse embryo processing, and in the finished product standard line outside the hot cut, leaving room for finishing, otherwise it will appear after finishing a smaller than the size of the design drawings.

3, bending process: We found that there are many acrylic display rack is bent, which is the use of bending processing. Bending process must be done with the Heat bend, hot bend first plate to fold the part of the hot bend on the soft, and then put on the edge of the table bending, to acrylic temperature after cooling, the angle is fixed into a curved shape.

4, Scratch Processing: processing acrylic display rack first need to sawn material, sawing the plates, straight is also the most common cutting method. And the cutting process is a straight-line cutting method, the ruler on the cutting plate, the edge of the ruler and cutting line overlap, fixed a ruler, so that is a line. With a hook knife along the edge of the ruler, on the plate to draw a fine groove, when the depth of the fine groove about half the thickness of acrylic plate, put the organic glass plate to the edge of the table, let the fine groove coincide with the edges of the table, one hand hold the table in the plate, the other hand pressed down the table outside of the plates, the plexiglass will be from the hook to the position neatly broken.

5, cutting processing: Machining is the use of lathe processing, when the acrylic display rack machining size requirements are very precise, you need to use a lathe to sharpen, so that the size can be accurate. It is noteworthy to ensure that the cutter is clean and clean without debris, lest scratch acrylic.

6, filing processing: Frustration is finishing, like saw the edge of acrylic rough sharp, need to file, can remove the batch to make its sleek, touch not scraping hands. In addition, as the size of a bit larger, but also with a slight correction to the setback to meet the size requirements.

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