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Acrylic Cosmetics Display rack and choose the centroid

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Acrylic is recognized for cosmetics display, jewelry jewelry display, mobile display, watches and other display of the most commonly used materials, various styles of acrylic display is also the market and the enthusiasm of merchants pursued.

Acrylic application More and more widely, 70% of the products are acrylic materials, but the most use of the field of display, for example, acrylic cosmetics display rack, acrylic oil display, acrylic perfume display, acrylic display rack, acrylic watch display rack, acrylic necklace display rack, acrylic bracelet display rack, acrylic cigarette display rack and so on, as long as can be made with acrylic, only unexpected, did not do. What attention should we need if we have to choose acrylic display racks ourselves? As a decade of professional production of acrylic products manufacturers, exquisite display is very willing to tell you professional purchasing skills. Here's a brief explanation.

First, to pay attention to the transmittance of acrylic

Acrylic transmittance is very high, can reach 92%, this is unmatched by other materials. When we choose Acrylic products, we first have to test the luminosity. The method is simple, first we use a pure white paper on the back of acrylic, then we see whether clear, if through acrylic look at the paper a bit of a yellow sensation, then this acrylic is the kind of less acrylic, if through the acrylic look very clear, see the paper does not discoloration, then is better acrylic.

Second, to pay attention to acrylic adhesive bonding

Acrylic display rack is generally required to adhere to, adhesion of the good or bad effect of acrylic display rack overall aesthetics, so it is very important. The first thing to look at is acrylic bonding is flat, parallel to whether or not vertical. Another one points to pay attention to whether the adhesion of the excess glue overflow, if there is glue, under the lighting will be very ugly. Finally, we should pay attention to whether there are bubbles in bonding. If there are plenty of bubbles, then it will reduce the service life of the acrylic display rack; If there is a small amount of bubbles, in the light of the situation will also affect the beautiful, loss of acrylic display rack high-grade positioning; Only the display rack has several or no bubbles is the best.

Third, pay attention to the polishing of acrylic

Acrylic products need to undergo laser cutting, laser cutting after cutting surface will leave a scar, feels rough, the transmittance is very poor, so need to do polishing processing, generally have flame polishing, cloth wheel polishing, diamond polishing, in which the effect of diamond polishing best, but the disadvantage is only to face polishing, cloth wheels are the same. But no matter what kind of polishing, the effect is better than no polishing effect. So also to see through the luminosity.

Fourth, to pay attention to acrylic silk screen

Some customers need in acrylic display on the top of the silk screen or logo, must be careful to observe whether the content of silk screen is clear, can be close to the eye to see whether silk screen is delicate. In addition to see the quality of silk screen, can use the hand to dig gently, see if you can buckle down, this must personally test, not credulous salesman said, but in the trial, it is best to try only on the side, do not try too much, avoid scratch compensation.

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