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A brief introduction to the acrylic box

SUNYU Display Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

A brief introduction to the acrylic box

The appearance of the acrylic box looks like glass and it looks like plastic. Mainly because the acrylic box material has a crystal transparent effect, more importantly, it is much lighter than the weight of the glass, but it is better than the plastic quality, smooth processing performance, and the pressure resistance is not easy to deform.

Of course, Acrylic can be used as a food box mainly because the acrylic box material is poisonous at room temperature, and it is safe and environmentally friendly. It is used for food boxes and food cabinets. In particular, acrylic box products are very resistant to temperature and have good sealing properties, and are particularly popular for storing foods such as candy snacks that are susceptible to moisture.

So how to clean the acrylic box? Don't worry, the acrylic box is made of acrylic sheet by special process. The light transmittance of the material is over 92%. It has the advantages of good toughness and not easy to break. If you need to clean the box, just use a soft foam to remove the toothpaste and wipe the bucket. More importantly, the acrylic box is soft in texture, and there is no cold and chilly feeling in winter; the color is bright, which can satisfy the individual pursuit of different tastes.

Nowadays, there are many large manufacturers of acrylic box products on the market. All the acrylic box products produced are not only beautiful in style, durable, but also environmentally friendly. Their radiation is almost the same as the radiation of the human body.

If you like acrylic boxes, you can buy them for use. The price is not expensive and it is very easy to use. It can be said that it is very good value.

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